About us


I have always felt that whatever one does, it should be at least a little special.  Art makes the world go round. It's what sets humans apart from the animals.  With art, the trivial becomes the extradinary. A box becomes a home, a walk becames a dance, a speech becomes a song, a search becomes an education




I am often inspired by the material in hand.  Sometimes the material inspires the project; sometimes the project dictates the material.  The nature of materials is integral to the success of a project.  That doesn't mean that a material can't be used in a new and creative way. Serendipity.  It doesn't always work, but failure is the road to learning.


I have been fortunate to find a way to use my unique set of skills to make a career in the equestrian world.  During some of my best years in the sport, the sport itself went through a very bad time.  A rash of major injuries and deaths plagued. I stepped up to dedicate much of my time to the promotion of safety.  I entered the political fare in the sactioning organization (USEA) to push for rule changes.  I also volenteered to to hold educational experiences for safer jump design and construction.


Another project I was involved with was at the Fabyan Estate Park when I lived in Batavia, IL.  Fabyan's is a county park that was a grand estate in the early 1900's.  As a teenager, I hung out there quite a bit.  I love that place.  In 2006 I found that the historic Arts and Crafts style garage was to be demolished.  A non-profit group (Friends of Fabyan) convinced the park board to spare the building if they restored it.  I volunteered to help repair and replace damaged siding.  After that, I also re-built the historic balcony and a fancy gate/fence.  My greatest achievement was to re-create the original garage doors that had been missing for almost 100 years.  Friends of Fabyan gave me a special honor that year.